The 3 Steves Winery is owned and operated by three guys that share the same first name.  Prior to starting their winery, they were strangers that worked in various roles in the silicon valley that coincidentally made wine in their garages to break up the stress of their day jobs.  They shared a dream to one day have their own winery, and randomly invested in the same small winery to get their feet in the door.  It wasn't long before the Steves took an active role in running that winery even making the wine.  After a few years they decided to put together a business plan to start their own winery, and the rest is history.  By early 2010 they had their licenses and permits and were producing and selling their own wines.  Their dreams were greatly exceeded in 2014 when their Zinfandel was voted Best Red Wine of Show at the largest wine competition in the world for U.S. wines, the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.  Each of the Steves enjoy taking part in all aspects of the winery. They are fortunate to have a winery perched atop the hill on Greenville Road in Livermore, with beautiful 360 degree views.  They believe its a great place to bring family, friends, even pets, and hope you will stop by soon to say hello to one or more of the Steves who will be eager to meet you and over a glass of wine. 

The 3 Steves' take on the LVVC project

"I took lead in the LVVC wine project and equate it to the TV cooking show "Chopped", where the chef is given a combination of ingredients and has to make something special out of them.  Fortunately with the LVVC project, the winemaker gets to nurture the fruit from the very beginning, make each of the individual varietals, and then combine them in the way the winemaker feels they work best.  The LVVC winemakers put a lot of thought and time into making something that had not been made before, and we're happy to see their intentions paid off as all of the winemakers received medals in their first submission to the San Francisco Wine Competition.  In this particular 2017 blend, I was surprised that Syrah had a larger percentage than the Merlot (because i'm a Merlot-lover). The best part of making wine to me comes down to the final blend. No preconceived expectations of percentages. Each blend is different from the next.  Taste the wine not only for what it smells and tastes like, but for how it feels and where within the palate over time. Adjust only what needs to be adjusted in the mind of the winemaker, taking care not to lose the subtle nuances from the previous trial. The Syrah drove this blend with its abundant bright red fruit. The Merlot introduces a darker fruit element with some mid palate structure.  The Cab fruit medleys the Syrah and Merlot together nicely, while creating a roundness in the palate felt across the entire 360 degrees of the mouth. And the Petit Verdot creates front-to-back length with a lingering finish that was not otherwise apparent in this blend. We hope you enjoy this wine."

Steve Burman - Co-Owner/Co-winemaker

The blend:

  • 40% Syrah

  • 31% Merlot

  • 24% Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 4% Cabernet Franc

  • 1% Petit Verdot.

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