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Winemaker John Evan Marion and Assistant Winemaker Jessica Carroll have been a winemaking team since the harvest of 2013. John Evan has been doing this gig long enough that if his wines were people, his oldest ones could legally drink, even though he was born in ’83. Jessica tried the “behind the desk” lifestyle of a Civil Engineer, but took the plunge of the punch down tool to heart and decided to jump into the bin and make some wine.

The John Evan take on the LVVC project

“On any day, it’s hard to decide whether we most like making wine, sharing a glass of wine, or geeking out about wine with friends. LVVC combines all of these; we feel like Livermore Valley is the most cooperative, collaborative, and friendly region and this project reflects that. We’re thrilled that LVVC shines a spotlight on not only the quality of the personalities, but the superiority of the grapes and the skill of the winemakers. We couldn’t be happier about the project and the wines this group produced.”

John Evan - Owner/Winemaker

The blend:

2020 Vintage

  • 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 20% Malbec

  • 20% Merlot

  • 20% Petite Sirah

  • 20% Syrah

John Evan Cellars: About Us
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