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Page Mill Winery began beneath the Starks' home on Page Mill Rd in Los Altos Hills. The year was 1976 and the Stark family built a following on classic varietals sourced from all over California. Son, Dane, went to school to study math and spent his junior year in Bordeaux, France. There, he studied oenology and fell in love with the wine industry. Upon his return he joined the family business for his first professional harvest in 1989. In 2004 he moved the entire operation to the bucolic Livermore Valley, fully intending to continue trucking grapes from appellations across the state.... but much to his amazement, he discovered a quality and value in the Livermore Valley that he had over-looked. Today Page Mill Winery boasts 95% Livermore Valley wines. Dane manages 3 of the vineyards organically, incorporating Biodynamics. Page Mill Winery is celebrating 47 years of fine wine production.

The Page Mill Winery take on the LVVC project

"The LVVC project is a natural outgrowth of the fabulous, creative, collaborative community of winemakers we have in the Livermore Valley. As we all strive to pay tribute to terroir, create exceptional wines of place, and seek to express ourselves, the LVVC project has provided an avenue to strive, together, to bring something exceptional and meaningful to the consumer and valley at large. I am extremely proud of our combined efforts, the resulting wines and what they say about our ability to bring "Peace through wine, one glass at a time." 

Dane Stark - Owner/Winemaker

The blend:

2020 Vintage

  • 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 20% Chardonnay

  • 20% Tempranillo

  • 20% Petite Sirah

  • 20% Zinfandel

Page Mill Winery: About Us
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